Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday, March 13, 2009

Hair Progress

The first picture is from last summer which was the last time I shaved my head. I've let it grow since then except actually I got an actual cut in September but since then I've been growing it. Though very slowly it is getting there. I seriously couldn't take a picture of myself with out laughing my ass off. Even by myself I cannot be serious in front of a camera. I can't wait to see where my hair is in a month.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

These are my last few days to just sit at home before I'm sitting in a van for an average of 6 hours a day for the next month. I'm really looking forward to touring this time. I feel like I've talked about this in a very recent entry but I really enjoy playing now so there's actually something for me to be excited about each night. I'm really excited for whenever (the days are numbered) we get around to practicing. There's so much material to be worked on it's crazy. I have written 21 songs since last July. That's the official tally I just took. Most are Energy songs and a few are Carnival Date-ish songs. This doesn't count the fragmented songs that are just a riff or two. If I count those were talking 38. This also doesn't count the 3 songs Tank has pretty much done on his own. This is a huge improvement over last year when I couldn't write a single song to finish the IOTM. I think we were stuck at 7 songs for the longest time. But anyway I'll be a little sad to leave home only because I have a hard time making songs or anything while we're out. I gotta try and finish everything I've been working on before we leave.

Yesterday I went to the Outlets and met up with Bart. After a quick trip to Levi's I'm now the proud owner of some white jeans. I think they look pretty awesome. White is just too difficult to wear a lot. I'll have to one of those people who have a bleach pen on hand. My hair is getting pretty long now. It's long enough now that if I slick my hair back it will stay in a Patrick Batemen-esque do, with one exception, I have thin hair and look like I'm dying. I'm gonna re dye my hair again before we go.