Saturday, February 28, 2009

The people who loved Mario Galaxy and The Wind Waker now bring you this:


Thursday, February 26, 2009


I'm incredibly bored right now as I was yesterday and the day before. Nothing ever happens. I'm still pushing forward writing songs but with nothing cool or new happening for me I don't feel like there's much of an emotional involvement to what I'm working on at the moment almost like it's being forced. I'm sure the inspiration will come again. I feel like I go through spurts of feeling blank. I guess I shouldn't sweet it too much I have a lot done so far. I've been spending my time trying to organize the songs written so far into 3 to 4 song EPs based on their style and mood. This was Tanks idea to help make the work load feel a lot less daunting. It seems like a lot more is getting done when you finish an EP instead of still struggling to write a full length. I'm naming the EPs after times of day so far I have The Evening EP (finished), The Twilight Hour EP (finished), The Mid-Night EP (unfinished but so far my favorite). That's all I have organized. I have more songs organize and a lot to be written. I really like the idea of releasing a cd that have different parts almost as if it is a group of EPs on one CD. Each part could have it's own feel and sound. The packaging could be really awesome too. Perhaps it could be a set of four 7"s.

I finished reading Watchmen. Not what I expected but it was still pretty good. Now I'm looking foward to seeing the movie. I'm think I'm gonna start reading either Fight Club, The Hobbit, or The Silmarillion (the History of Middle Earth and according to Tolkein his most important work.)

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Future

Weezer, The Smashing Pumpkins, AFI, Nirvana, and the Beach Boys are some of my favorite bands. In a little way I want to be like them all. I want to have soaring guitars that hit on an emotional level (Weezer), with music that has a surreal sound scape as if it came from outer space (The Smashing Pumpkins), that is aggressive and has a dark vibe to it (AFI), over music that is simplistic at the base and is catchy with out coming off too sugary (Nirvana), that has complex supplemental vocal parts that swirl around the listener and elevate the song to whole new emotional level (The Beach Boys). I want to have songs that vary in style and moods. I want to be able to play any kind of music while it still having something unique to it that it will be Energy. I want to get to the point where it wouldn't be to out there for Energy to release the next Roots and then release the next What's My Age Again and everything in between.

I have written 15 songs towards a new CD and I have 10 unfinished/riffs laying around. So far the songs range from the theme song to a gothic disco to very fast aggressive punk. Most of the songs I have finished are Cure influenced songs that besides one or two I really don't want to use for the new CD but it's nice to have lots of options for what songs we can use. Ever since I decided to just work out every since idea I come up with I have been coming up with many more ideas than I used to. Lately I've been getting back into writing fast songs but trying to be conscious of what I didn't like about the way the songs on Invasions came out. I feel like those songs don't breathe enough. I don't know how to describe that other than they just go. I'm trying to be mindful of that while writing new songs. For the next CD I think it is important for us to have a song that is upbeat, but not sugary (think Muzzle by The Smashing Pumpkins if you know it) and a heavy song, something in vein of what we established with the song Invasions but take it a step further. What I want to do with the next CD is take everything that happened on Invasions a step further while also going down completely new paths not explored by us before.
I just got in from the Energy/Debaser/BearTrap tour. I really love the initial silence of walking in my room after being gone for a while. All at once the static and noise just fades and for the first time in awhile I'm by myself. I feel like I'm picking up where I left off right before i walked out of my room the last time. I always try to savor this moment for as long as my attention span allows before I get bored and pick up a guitar or go to the computer.

This was my favorite tour we have ever done. Really it's pretty much set up to be fun regardless of it being successful or not. I was just hanging out with the people I normally would and playing music that i recently have gotten a whole new love and appreciation for (seeing all that has happened in the passed month or so). It's a perfect formula. The shows though many last minute and barely advertised were great. they gave me a whole new confidence in Energy and what we can do. I feel like on this tour we finally became whole. I finally feel like we're a unit. We are Energy. We saw some pay off from previous tours as well which felt extremely rewarding. The first night of tour we lost all the guitars but mine and Dan's guitar was found and returned to us. Take that "Karma"