Monday, February 23, 2009

I just got in from the Energy/Debaser/BearTrap tour. I really love the initial silence of walking in my room after being gone for a while. All at once the static and noise just fades and for the first time in awhile I'm by myself. I feel like I'm picking up where I left off right before i walked out of my room the last time. I always try to savor this moment for as long as my attention span allows before I get bored and pick up a guitar or go to the computer.

This was my favorite tour we have ever done. Really it's pretty much set up to be fun regardless of it being successful or not. I was just hanging out with the people I normally would and playing music that i recently have gotten a whole new love and appreciation for (seeing all that has happened in the passed month or so). It's a perfect formula. The shows though many last minute and barely advertised were great. they gave me a whole new confidence in Energy and what we can do. I feel like on this tour we finally became whole. I finally feel like we're a unit. We are Energy. We saw some pay off from previous tours as well which felt extremely rewarding. The first night of tour we lost all the guitars but mine and Dan's guitar was found and returned to us. Take that "Karma"

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